The Moses Gene Stuart F. McRoberts



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The Moses Gene  by  Stuart F. McRoberts

The Moses Gene by Stuart F. McRoberts
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As the world mourned the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, a group of archaeologists from the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem were about to stumble upon one of mankinds greatest discoveries. A discovery that, had it immediately come to light, mightve blown the story of the princesss ill-fated trip to Paris off the covers of every tabloid in the Western Hemisphere.Its existence contradicts the Bible.Israeli Prime Minister, Saul Mendelssohn, has a decision to make.

Can he use the discovery to bring renewed fortitude to his people without it being used as a catalyst to push for complete Jewish control of the Temple Mount? Or will the risk of spilling the blood of thousands of his fellow citizens in an all-out holy war lead him to cover up its existence?

Its a monumental decision to make, but the final decision may not be his. Not everyone within his inner circle wants peace in the Middle East.

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