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Alien  by  Alan Dean Foster

Alien by Alan Dean Foster
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Greatest book in the whole frickin universe!!! (of course, having read it over 30 years ago this wont be a highly detailed review...)Now,I was 11 years old when Alien came out. My mom wouldnt let me see R-rated flicks at the time and most older friends & cousins were afraid of my mother so they wouldnt take me either.

I couldnt fathom such a cruel existence - a Monster-Movie junkie being denied access to the latest, and possibly greatest, creature flick of all time. Torture. When some hair-lipped usher nabbed me trying to sneak into a matinee showing at the Lincoln Mall I still refused to accept defeat.

But I had to take a new tack.Not too far down the hall from the cinemas was Walden Books, one of my favorite loitering spots- even got locked in the store one night while sitting on my ass reading stuff. Waldens had the next best thing to a 16mm reel of Alien: a whole section devoted to print paraphernalia of Alien.* They had one hell of a licensing juggernaut for a movie kids werent supposed to see on their own. Action figures, trading cards, playing cards, comic books, posters, pop-up books, place mats, picture books and one novel (written after the fact).

Those last two got me as close as I ever was going to get to the movie until it came out on VHS (which would be contingent on ma getting us a VCR...)I gorged on the novel in a weekend and I pawed through the picture book in the store so many times I had a pretty good visual of Alien in my head when I decided to start lying to my sixth grade classmates and claim to have seen the movie. Of course, the book was a fleshed out, literary realization of Dan OBannons, et al, screenplay.

Which meant that it had events and dialog which didnt actually occur in the film. Which also meant I referenced scenes which kids who had actually seen the movie didnt remember.Naturally this all led to puzzled looks and accusations that I hadnt seen Alien at all. Backed into a corner, I defended my falsehoods by accusing them of covering their eyes cause they were chicken- or that they were in the bathroom barfing during the scenes in question. Then I took a bus back to the Lincoln Mall cinemas, bought a ticket to some lame Benji sequel and took another stab at sneaking into Alien.

Success this time - I was in!!! Forgot to pee, however, but there was no way I was going out to the restroom and risk not getting back in. When it was all over I felt like things were going to rupture out of me too. But I was going back to school on Monday with a rock solid impersonation of John Hurt hatching that space bug out of his chest.As for the book itself - best literary experience Id had at that point in life- even better than How to Eat Fried Worms or The Hardy Boys stuff.*Walden Books was also where I first experienced the Rocky Horror Picture Show...For a current feel of claustrophobia, dread and creatures trying to kill people (all in a funny way) check outJackass on a Camel

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