As I See It Cody A. Coffey

ISBN: 9781449032746

Published: November 1st 2009

Unknown Binding


As I See It  by  Cody A. Coffey

As I See It by Cody A. Coffey
November 1st 2009 | Unknown Binding | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9781449032746 | 7.68 Mb

I wrote this book because I feel there is a reason for all that is going on in the world- a cauldron of misery, suffering, anguish, and strife. Everyone is caught up in it and those who feel they are not or feel they have an educated reason and philosophy for what they see, are not seeing the bigger picture. Most people come up with the biggest, most elaborate questions and answers, but most do not tap into another reason or meaning for what life is about and what is transpiring.

What if there is a very deeper meaning, deeper purpose besides the basic fundamentals of life that we know of, and our purpose here. What if everything we say, do and think about are just conforming to our own selfish reasons. I am trying to put forth the argument of what the real reasons are. The answers so many accept and try to figure out based on nothing else but the theoretical speculation and trial and error.

The most brilliant minds in the world, the most compelling arguments, explanations and theories have played and still play a major role into where we are, where we are going and what we have reduced ourselves to. While many may look to rationalize an incoherent world with rational thought, many are ignoring what could be a devastating calamity taken place right under our noses. Something so subtle that it is less resound then a feather hitting the ground half way around the world, yet would have the impact to wipe out humanity or create hell on earth.

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