Routine of the Advertising Department Reginald H. W. Cox

ISBN: 9781406767919

Published: March 1st 2007


208 pages


Routine of the Advertising Department  by  Reginald H. W. Cox

Routine of the Advertising Department by Reginald H. W. Cox
March 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 208 pages | ISBN: 9781406767919 | 8.69 Mb

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W. COX AUTHOR o THE LAY-OUT oh ADVERTISEMLNTS LONDON SIR ISAAC PITMAN SONS, LTD. 1933 PREFACE To those of us who pursue some other occupation by day, the writing of a book is always a refreshing exper ience. I do not refer to the months of actual preparation or to the unusudl channels of inquiry that the writer explores in checking and revising his manuscript ... for these, in great or less degree, are the daily experiences of the advertising man in every field of effort.

I refer to the task of writing for a particular section of the book reading public in the knowledge that, while that public can be defined, a mental picture of the average reader so-called is an impossible conception. If he is to achieve an unrestrained expression, the writer must, however, have a picture of this iiverage reader in front of him.

This book, in the main, is intended to appeal to the advertiser and particularly to the prospective advertiser. It is an attempt to cater for the advertisers interests as distinct from those of the advertising agent. My average reader is the advertising manager of a small scale or a medium-size business Space has prevented an exhaustive treatment of all phases of the departments work a book of this size could, it will be realized, be written on each of the more important ones.

With the exception of the cinemato graph, the hoarding, and the novelty, all activities have been covered from a practical and, I hope, a helpful point of view. The three exceptions have been omittedbecause, in the first place, they are more usually handled by outside specialist concerns, and next because their employment has very little effect upon the routine of the advertising department itself.


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